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ButanGas, a story of success

Operating in Morocco for more than fifty years, DragonGaz SA is nowadays a sound and well-organised company. Even though it cannot count on LPG stocking and bottling facilities of its own, DragonGaz SA controls an effective distribution network with more than 30 dealers. The company is in a leading position among the 300 largest companies of Morocco.

ButanGas-Dragan Group is strongly related to its Founder, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Costantino Dragan. Already on lpgas market in Austria with a small activity, on December 13, 1948 he set up the ButanGas company with the social target “the stockage, the processing and the distribution of the Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG”. This quite new energy was ready to be widely known in those difficult years post-war as it was cheap and easy to utilize. ButanGas reached at that time a very important space in the lpgas market with the aim to become bigger in the future years.

The success in Italy and the experience got in Austria, allowed the Owner to make massive investments even in other European countries ed overseas i.e. first of all in Greece, then in Morocco (1953) and in Germany (1955) too. These three companies marked the first real nucleus of that well-known in the future with ButanGas-Dragan Group.

In the fifties the quick economic growth of the Old Continent and the increase of the energy needs for domestic and industrial uses allowed the widespread and the development of this Group of companies which was able to gain an ever-increasing market. The ability demonstrated by ButanGas-Dragan Group not only in adapting itself to the changes but also in helping the evolution of the market with the distribution, for example, of the small tanks “petit-vrac” (ButanGas was one of the pioneers in this field) allowed it to get out undamaged from the strong energy crisis of the seventies.

The quality of the service, the care to the customer, the skill, the training of its operators and also the safety of its plants, represent the main values for the ButanGas Group. Starting from the ninties, after the fall of the East Europe systems of government and the consequent liberalization of the economy, ButanGas-Dragan Group started with a policy of massive investments all over this area believing in this local lpgas market with great potentalities. Sisters companies set up in Rumania, native country of Prof. Dr. Costantino Dragan, together with Poland, Albania and Bulgaria.

Today ButanGas-Dragan Group is one of leading European Groups in the distribution of the LPG.