The Founder

Born in Lugoj (Rumania) on June 20, 1917 the Founder of ButanGas Group, Giuseppe Costantino Dragan begins his successful way at the end of the secondary school entering the University of Bucharest in Law.

Graduated in 1938, at the end of his servicing in the army as artilleryman, in 1940 receives a scholarship of the Italian Institute of Culture and he moves to Italy to attend the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in financial and political sciences where he gets in touch with the great philosopher in law Giorgio del Vecchio becoming his pupil and translating into Rumanian language the famous volume “Lezioni di filosofia del diritto”. Graduated again ending his doctorate in law, always in Rome, he decides to stay in Italy. During those years Giuseppe Costantino Dragan begins following his business vocation entering the fuel commercial activity through imports from Rumania. At the end of the Second World War, Italy which has just suffered a defeat, needs everything and Giuseppe Costantino Dragan is ready to realize the great business opportunities coming from that situation. Butan Gas S.p.A. is set up on December 13, 1948 specialized in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Lpg) distribution and filling.

In those years indeed he really changes his life consolidating his work as one of the most important business man. Business activities force him to leave Rome, Italian town deeply loved, moving to Milan which becomes his operating center as well as the door for Europe and the mean to fully demonstrate the culture and the entrepreneurship. He takes the opportunity to develop in this way his polyhedric mind and together with a lot of business successes, he starts giving his important contribution in different sectors of the human knowledge. Walking into the economic theory he operates as Vice-President and then as President for two five-year periods of the International Marketing Federation through the organization of congresses and seminaries, giving his help to create Marketing Associations in different countries of the Old Continent.

He has also given a very important impulse to the development of the international commercial relations as militant member of the International Chamber of Commerce and as founder of the Italo-Rumanian Chamber of Commerce (1973), become with the times an important point for the exchanges between the two countries. Afterwards, we see the various activities fostered by the Founder and Chairman to support the idea of building an European economy and culture, not only witnessing the Europeanist spirit but also confirming the recognition of the “real Europe” from the Atlantic until the 30° meridian where takes place the Eurasia.

The 15th day of May 1950 sees the issue of the first number of Bulletin Européen, monthly magazine talking about europeanism, the sole in its way and printed since more than half a century into Italian and French languages. The entrepreneurial and cultural combination together with the awareness of the role of the culture, allow to realize another dream: the creation of an European Cultural Foundation. 

All these efforts lead to establish in 1967 in Spain (Palma de Mallorca) and in Italy (Rome) the Dragan European Foundation with, in different times, head offices in many countries. The Foundation declared purpose is that of contributing to spread the idea of a real European union through close contacts with the main organisations in favour of building this great thinking in a wider way through various shows and celebrations. Other cultural and trading activities have become very important in the life of Giuseppe Costantino Dragan. 

We cannot ignore his work as writer and as historian which has given him deserved recognitions in the academic field such as the nomination of assistant professor of Marketing and Economics at the University of Bucharest and that of visiting professor at the City University Business School in London. Giuseppe Costantino Dragan is also member of the Academy of Sciences of New York and Rumania.